Meditative Mind 12-Week Course

Reduce Stress. Shift Your Thinking. Discover the Life You Want.

The Meditative Mind Course is 12 weeks of training videos, guided instruction, group practice, community,
encouragement, and inspiration to help you meditate from home.  This course only occurs at certain times each year.

The next edition begins in September.

Registration opens on August 5th.

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Laura McClain

“I will be honest here. Never tried meditation but going through Erik’s sessions has opened a whole new mindset for me. Literally life changing tools you will use forever. Exercise the mind, it is so important for well- being.”

About the Trainer Erik Leslie

With a graduate degree in psychology and a mindfulness certification from a premier medical school I have trained many different folks in meditation from around the world and in different professions from athletes, to soldiers and even doctors. Many different people find value in mindfulness & meditation and now I want to help you.

You want to start a meditation practice but not sure where to begin?

Perhaps for a while now, you have felt stuck, frustrated or too distracted? You’d like to live with more purpose and focus in your life.

Or maybe even when you get some meditation in, it feels like you might be doing it wrong or maybe you feel like nothing is happening… and so you feel like you’re fighting yourself or you feel you don’t have enough knowledge of this practice to stay consistent.

Or perhaps you had a routine before but you’d like to start meditating again.

Meditative Mind can help.

Ann Miller

“Erik passed along some great information on how to develop qualities necessary to living life fully!!!
While attending Erik’s course, I became aware of dysfunctional breathing and learned how to be mindful of proper breathing. In only three days, I felt less anxiety and fatigue. Life-changing!”

Check off 5 of 7 items in the list below to see if the course is right for you

  • You’re getting started on your meditative journey and you want to stay motivated and continue your routine in a long-lasting way.
  • You’ve done some meditation already, but you find yourself struggling to follow through or keep consistent most the time.
  • You’re willing to put in the work of changing your mindset and open to letting go of emotions that weigh you down or thoughts that don’t serve you.
  • You’re already spending a few hours a week (or more) meditating but you’d like to be more connected with like-minded people.
  • You’re excited about the idea of never again having to be overwhelmed with self- defeating thoughts or a mind that is out of control.
  • You’re excited about the idea of deepening your practice and finding more peace joy and encouragement to make positive changes in your life.
  • You’re ready to start an adventure toward self growth, self-discovery with less stress and anxiety in your life.




Here are 4 ways Meditative Mind will change your life:

Change the Relationship with Your Mind
Through weekly classes we will learn the nature of our thinking and start to recognize our thinking patterns.


Know Your Why’s
Find your motivation to meditate. Journaling your benefits will remind yourself daily why this habit is so important.


Develop New Habits
Meditative Mind will help you calm your mind, train yourself to think in new perspectives and teach you exercises to condition the mind and emotions toward more positivity in the future.


Connection to a Group
The power of a group can help us connect to ourselves in a unique way and gently encourages you that you’re not alone and you can defiantly live a happy and healthier life.

Week-to- Week Breakdown of What We Will Learn Together

The Power of Daily Meditation
Learn the 3 basic forms or types of meditation and how to set up a daily practice.

MODULE 1: Mindfulness to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Calm the Mind

Week #1- Define Your “Why”
Discover the many reasons people choose to meditate and find your unique motivation to practice and accomplish your goals.

Week #2- Stress, Anxiety and The Way Out
Cultivate awareness around stress and anxiety and learn how to shift your perspective from stress reactions to mindful responses.

Week #3- Re-Discovering The Present
Focus on seeing different perspectives about stress and how living in the Present-Moment can change your thinking.

Week #4- Understanding Your Mind/Body
Becoming aware of your thinking patterns and how using this awareness develops new strategies to use the wisdom of your mind and body.

MODULE 2: Becoming Aware of Subconscious Programs

Week #5- Untying The Knots In Our Heads
Owning our projections by becoming aware of the common mistakes that can keep people tangled up inside their heads.

Week #6- Discovering Your Inner Stories & Beliefs
Digging deeper into our minds we find the stories we tell ourselves and find ways to create new ones for positive change.

Week #7-Mindful Communication
Practicing mindful communication, we can develop healthier relationships in our lives.

Week #8- Implementing New Habits
Learn how to recondition new mental habits around thoughts, beliefs and our stories to better serve a higher purpose.

MODULE 3: Healing Through Holistic Health

Week #9- Shifting Difficult Emotions Through Self-Compassion
Develop a different response to emotional stress as you transform and release your emotional programs.

Week #10- Boosting Your Energy and Creativity
Through positive emotions and opening the heart we learn to be in coherence with our energy and intention.

Week #11- Cultivating Spiritual Health Through Meaning & Purpose
Discuss ideas of spiritual health and how a sense of purpose can add meaning to your life in profound ways.

Week #12- Taking the Lessons into the World
Develop strategies on how experiencing a transformation has changed you but also how it may have changed those around you.





Trudy Mercadal

“I had never really tried meditation. From the very beginning, I felt very at ease with Erik’s guided meditation and came out of it feeling more relaxed and better able to focus. I will definitely keep up with it now! Thank you, Erik.”

Apply what you learned to communicate better with others and create goals for future success as you step into a new way of living in the world


Worry Less & Live Happier in just 12 weeks!

Meditative Mind is a 12-week online course with training videos, guided instruction, group meditation, weekly challenges, accountability and community. Strategically packaged for one purpose:


To help you improve your growth, reduce stress, calm the mind and create purpose to live the life you want.